LEITAT and Indulleida improve the quality of juices and also reduce power consumption

fototop 07/07/2016 · The concentration of liquid foods (eg. Juices, purees, etc.) is a process of great importance in the food industry as it impacts not only on the stability and product quality, but also in the costs of transportation, handling and storage. In addition, these processes are associated with a high energy consumption. Cu... [ More ]

Indulleida obtains 1 million euros in profit after tax

fototop 26/11/2015 · The group Indulleida Zufrisa, fruit and vegetable processing companies in Alguaire and Calatorao, respectively; has obtained in the 2014/2015 campaign a profit of nearly one million euros and a cash flow of 5 million euros (profit plus amortizations). This was reported by the Board of Directors of Indulleida at its Gen... [ More ]


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Indulleida S. A. exports its products to more than 60 countries across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Oceania.

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top Indulleida S. A. produces a wide range of fruit products. The company is based in Alguaire, in the Province of Lleida (Spain).
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top Indulleida’s products are made by physically processing and treating fruit. Indulleida only produces natural fruit juice.

top Indulleida makes products that are tailor-made to the client’s instructions and requirements.